Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to Unsubscribe for whatsapp monthly/weekly plan.

How to Unsubscribe for whatsapp monthly/weekly plan.

I'm sure you came across this because you have exhausted your whatsapp megabyte but your subscription is still on,
anyway it's quite easy to do, when you follow the steps I will be giving below, it has also come to my notice that other site give out fake information, any info you find on this site can be trusted.. not sure about anything please contact me directly via the contact me link up there. Now can we move? Now I will explain two things for you just to be clear,
1. You can stop auto renewal of whatsapp plan, but many site give this method as a way of deactivating the plan, it is false. It doesn't deactivate instead it stops auto renewal. Alright to stop auto renewal of whatsapp monthly/weekly plan, in a new message type "No Wam" (that's for monthly) or "No Waw" (this is the week plan) send the text to 131. With doing this, you have successfully opted out for the auto renewal.
Now for what probably brought you here, "How to deactivate whatsapp bundle for mtn" it's quite easy as I have said earlier on. Please use the code below, it works flawlessly.
That does it. Don't forget to share this to friends that probably need it. You can always use the comment section to reach out to me, or the contact me page up there, you are welcome lol.

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